Sunday, April 26, 2009

Carbo's Party

Hey its me Carbo again. Its my grandma's Birthday today. My family and I put up streamers, blew up baloons, and baked a cake. I hade a lot of fun doing it, But it was still tireing. I really hope she likes every thing. Thies are the people that are going to be here for the party: My Unckel, my Aunt, my Grandma, (of course) my sister, my Grampa, my Dad, My Mom, and me. I also made her the perfect gift. My dad made a peace sighn out of wood and I painted it. It looks awsome. My mom and my dad and I, did all the work and my sister didn't do any thing. I have to go now. So see ya soon.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Whats in!!

Hey its me Carbo I am so exited to go back to school to see my best friends and tell them all about my blog. Its so awsome. Anyway I really need more shoes. I also really want crazy pants. You know the plaid ones with all different colors? Thoes. they are so awsome. Im going to try to make them the style with T-shirts. Now I need to tell you guys out there my favorite website.!!! It is so cool. You can not be a member for free, and not bye anything, or you can pay $5.00 a month to bye stuff. All of my friends love it. Now back to shoes. Convers are so in now. I have black ones and me and one of my best friends colored all over them. They look so cool now. So, I need to go now. See ya soon.

Carbo's Blog

Hey this is Carbo here! The blog I am writing is probably really stupid so sorry. It is awsome that I finally have my own blog. I have alwase wanted one but I never got the time. Being almost 11 is really hard wearing things I really don't want to an-- WAIT!!! this blog is only for girls. So the boys that are reading this you better stop or i will find you!!! any way as I was saying. I really don't want to wear most of the stuff I want to. It's terrible. Any way I got to go. So I'll see you later!!